Online Journalism

Department of Media and Communication, IUE


Project assignment
You will be asked to start and maintain a website in which a case (such as CableGate or BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico) will be covered. The case will consist of a major event (preferably on the agenda) that has a local, regional, or international prominence. The case will be presented inclusively on your website with various points of view. To succeed a comprehensive coverage, your posts must point to the original source with an explanation of how the linked content relates to your case. You are expected to respect to the copyright infringements when citing external sources. You must add the links to the your posts precisely and write brief entries (200-300 words) regarding to the cited material representing your focus on the topic. Additionally, regarding the diverse aspects of the case, you are asked to make a criticism by providing opinion pieces, reflections, arguments based on micro-analyses of the course content, class readings and discussions. You can also refer to relevant current events that take place on the agenda in order to support your website and to round up a complete work. You may make use of multimedia content to empower your ideas. WordPress services will be used in building the framework of the website. You are free to select the appropriate template for your portal. Your student identity and references of your project to the course must be clearly indicated on the website. Please remember that this is an individual project. As a matter of fact, you are expected to work on your own website. Projects will be designed during the class. You are free to bring your own notebook computers. The final practise sessions of the course will be reserved for presentations of the websites by the end of the semester.

Please click to see the sample project website:

Evaluation criteria %
Scope of the project 5
Menu structure 20
Criticism of news 50
Links 5
Overall discussion 20

Assigned case studies
070302087 Şike Soruşturması
070302054 Wall Street Protestoları
070301072 Türk Futbolu ve Siyasi Arenada Temsili
070302082 Türkiye-İsrail İlişkileri
070302067 Kadına Şiddet
080302015 Arap Baharı
060302067 Deniz Feneri
060302044 ÖTV Zamları
090302071 Türkiye-Ermenistan İlişkileri
070302011 Türban Tartışmaları
070404054 Çukurca Baskını

070404033 Van Depremi ve İdeolojik Söylemler
070404008 Cinsel İstismar Davası
060302066 Dış Basında Suriye Olayları

070302052 NBA (Lokavt)
060302098 “One Minute” Çıkışı (Davos)
070302060 Balyoz Davası
060302045 Somali Yardımları
060301090 Yunanistan’da Ekonomik Kriz
070404020 Türkiye’de İnternet Sansürü

070302069 Dersim
070302066 29 Ekim Kutlamaları (Protokol)
070404060 Bedelli Askerlik
070301115 Dursun Çiçek Davası
070302022 Anayasa Değişikliği

070404052 İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi’ne Baskın
060302075 Vicdani ret

060302059 Akkuyu Nükleer Santrali
070302003 Referandum (2010)
070302070 Uludere
070201026 Alevi Temsili


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